Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Welcome to our team blog!


Welcome to our team blog for the Interactive Blogging Team which is a group of buyers, sellers and browsers from Etsy who all love to blog. This blog has been set up so members of our team shall be able to write interesting blog posts and read blog posts written by other bloggers and also will work as an extension of our team we have on Etsy so shall be a place to get blogging tips and advice, network with other bloggers and promote each others blogs.

We welcome applications to join our team (there is a very short and simple form to fill in) for details please see our team. Application is open to all members of Etsy.

I hope that this blog shall be interesting for both members and non members to read and shall show the diversity of our group by the blog posts which are posted.

If you are interested in writing a blog post or helping out with blog design please contact me (the team captain for the Interactive Blogging Team) on thedorothydays@hotmail.co.uk

You can also find us on twitter by typing #actblogteam

The Dorothy Days (Team Captain of the Interactive Blogging Team)